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FURIA collect 2-0 victory against Sprout

The Brazilians join ENCE at the top of Group B, now with two victories under their name

The second day of play in Group B at the ESL Pro League Season 15 saw FURIA lock horns with German-based Sprout. FURIA were the heavy favorites going into the Bo3-series and came straight from a 2-1 victory against Outsiders in yesterday's Bo3-series. It was also FURIA to prove themselves the stronger team, with great individual performances from star-players "KSECERATO" and "arT". In a quick manner, FURIA decapitated Sprout and joined ENCE at the top of Group B. The 2-0 victory marks the second win for FURIA at the ESL Pro League Season 15.

The first map of the series was set to be played on Ancient and was the choice of Sprout. Ancient is the most played map for Sprout, as of recent times, and despite being a very successful map for the Brazilians it is one of their least played maps in the past three months. Despite this, however, it was FURIA to dominate from early on. A beautiful ACE from "saffee" in the first pistol-round saw FURIA embark on their dominating CT-path to an 11-4 scoreline at halftime. The second half showed a more potent and dangerous Sprout roster, with young "Staehr" delivering a great performance. Unfortunately for Sprout, however, it was too late. The 11-4 lead proved too much to come back from and FURIA closed out Ancient at the scoreline of 16-11.

The second map of the series was Mirage and was, of course, picked by FUIRA. Mirage is one of FURIA's most dangerous maps in the official map pool. The open spaces of Mirage make for an array of creative strategies, that the Brazilians are scarily good at utilizing. This time it was the Brazilians to start on the T-side, and once again it was FURIA to secure advantage going into the second half. An impressive performance from "arT" led FURIA to a 9-6 scoreline on their T-side of Mirage. After FURIA winning the second pistol-round things looked bleak for Sprout, and they were. At 16-12, it was FURIA to take home Mirage and the Bo3-series with an impressive 2-0 victory against Sprout.

Highlight of the Bo3-series

FURIA - Sprout 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group B)

16-11 (Ancient) | KSCERATO – 1.66 Rating / 29-14 K-D / 107.4 ADR

16-12 (Mirage) | arT – 1.50 Rating / 28-18 K-D / 96.6 ADR

MVP: Kaike ”KSCERATO” Cerato – 1.27 Rating / 45-29 K-D / 79.5 ADR

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