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forZe take down OG in overtime-thriller

The Russian forZe roster is now sitting on a 2-1 record

We are ready to kick off another thrilling day of top-tier CS:GO at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A event. To start off the day, OG locked horns with forZe in what would become an intense brawl between the two rosters. Both teams were sitting on a 1-1 record before facing each other, and a victory today could mean everything.

The map the two teams decided on came to be Dust 2. Whilst it is by no means a weak map for OG, it was surprising that Dust 2 was left as a possibility from OG's perspective, seeing that they haven't played the map once in the past three months. Despite this, however, it was a close affair from start to finish between the two sides. Little separated them in the first half and at the scoreline of 8-7, things were as close as possible going into the second half of Dust 2.

The second half continued as the first had concluded, as close as possible. It was very apparent how much was on the line and both teams refused to give their opponent an inch. Regulation time proved inadequate for the Bo1-series to reach its conclusion, and at the scoreline of 15-15, it was "mantuu" and OG to force overtime against forZe. Despite a valid attempt from "mantuu" and OG, it was all for nothing. A confident performance in overtime saw forZe as the victors of Dust 2 at the scoreline of 19-17.

forZe - OG 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A

19-17 (Dust 2) | shalfey - 1.34 Rating / 30-20 K-D / 89.3 ADR

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A - Overview (Vitality vs Eternal Fire: 1-0)

Whilst the game between OG and forZe was underway, another Bo1-series took place over on the PGL B-stream between Vitality and Eternal Fire. Just like forZe and OG, both Vitality and Eternal Fire were sitting on a 1-1 record before meeting each other in the server. Vitality, lead by "dupreeh" at the top of the leaderboard, proved the stronger roster on Dust 2 when facing Eternal Fire. A 16-11 victory sees Vitality sit on a 2-1 record at the event.

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