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forZe continues EU dominance

The CIS team took down Renegades without any trouble.

After two big defeats to North American teams at the Challenger Stage at PGL Antwerp, it was time for Oceania’s finest to give it a try. Renegades had to deal with forZe in their first match at the Belgium Major.

On Nuke it quickly became evident, that forZe was on another level. It was pure domination for the CIS roster, who won 10 rounds in a row before the Australians were able to answer back. forZe even brought in the Auto-Sniper to further rub salt into the open wound.

The first half ended with a huge 13-2 lead to forZe, who locked in the victory in the second half despite Renegades taking a shot at a comeback. Another big win for the European teams, who so far at the event are flawless against the rest of the world.

Both teams will play their second-round match later today.

forZe – Renegades 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-9 (Nuke) | Aleksandr "KENSI" Gurkin  – 1.62 Rating / 26-12 K-D / 96.6 ADR

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