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Former Astralis coach: I am now looking for a position as head coach

Martin "trace" Heldt is clear about his future coaching ambitions.

Trace joined Astralis Talent back in January 2022 but was fast moved up to the first team due to Alexander 'ave' Holdt's quarantine until the next major. While head coaching Astralis trace had some success on the road, one being a semi-final spot at IEM Cologne. Later during the 2022 season it also went down for Astralis as they failed to qualify for IEM Rio Major 2022.

Since his departure with Astralis Martin "trace" Heldt said the following to HLTV:

- I am now looking for a position as head coach, but it could also be another position in which I can contribute with my leadership, initiative, and knowledge, so I can support and help a new team reach their full potential and rise to the top. I keep an open mind.

What the future will bring for the former 1.6 legend is yet to be decided, for now, trace is a free agent looking for a team to coach.

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