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Fnatic spoils the 2-0 run for OG

The newly established mixed team takes down OG to go 2-0.

The late-night 1-0 games from the IEM Rio Major started between OG and Fnatic.

The last mentioned came off to a great start as they took the pistol round win and converted the rounds after. Despite being on the not favored T side, the mixed team found ways in the OG defense. Fnatic was leading a half-time with a 7-8 scoreline.

Fnatic took the second pistol round but could not convert it into more rounds as the OG T side steps up. After some great rounds for the OG side, three consecutive rounds were pulled out from Fnatic as the game was tied 12-12.

Fnatic came out on top winning the game 13-16.

OG - Fnatic 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

13-16 (Mirage) | Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson – 1.17 Rating / 22-17 K-D / 83.1 ADR.

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