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flameZ: We are still figuring ourselves out

The Israelian superstar puts some words on OG's victory against Complexity

International rosters seem to be the future of CS:GO, with FaZe being the most prominent success story as of late. Not far behind, however, is the roster of OG. With the likes of "degster" and "flameZ", the firepower of the current OG roster is something to be feared by any opponent.

Proving that they have something quite special brewing, OG took down Complexity at the ongoing BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 event, in a somewhat confident 2-0 victory.

Whilst it seems as if OG's new-look roster has hit the ground running, there are still some things that need to be finetuned if you ask Israelian superstar "flameZ". We spoke with the rifler after their victory against Complexity, and although he was happy with the victory, he stressed the following:

"I think we are still figuring ourselves out, more than it seems like... We are still figuring out what's the extras, what's the roles, where can everyone feel good and be comfortable, but I think it is going really well, because we have an identity."

To hear more from "flameZ" you can check out our exclusive interview with the star-rifler down below:

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