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A deep dive into Astralis’ 2021

The Danes are no longer the top dogs and have been dominated out of the server like never before. What is happening in the Danish camp?

Astralis has always had a roster with winning mentality and have proven time and time again that they are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best CS:GO team in the world. From the organization’s lineup in 2016, till the present day in 2021, the Danes have arguably solidified themselves as the best of all-time. 

But, 2021 has been a different story for the mighty Danes. With early exits from tournaments and shocking losses, gla1ve and company have been struggling to be the best versions of themselves. 

The current online era has definitely shaken up the status quo in CS:GO and many could argue that the switch to online officials is the main reason for Astralis’ poor form. 

We have taken a look at Astralis’ downturns in 2021: 

During the group stages of IEM Katowice 2021, Astralis was dealt a shocking 16-1 defeat at the hands of the Russian-side from Sprit and we’re going to take a look at precisely how it happened. As it turns out being proactive on the defense, playing for information, small but brilliant pieces of team play, and of course some individual excellence sprinkled in along the way to allow Spirit a 16-1 result against the greatest lineup Counter-Strike has ever seen. 

This is how it happened. 

A game that followed the exact same pattern as the one in Astralis vs. Spirit was the game against FURIA in EPL, where the Danes once again got dominated out of the server, this time 16-2. The Danish-side stumbled on the attacking side of Train, falling behind 0-9 before a fast B play put their first round on the board. The Brazilians didn’t slow down as they went right back to winning ways with a dominating defensive performance that ended in a 14-1 scoreline before closing out the map 16-2, kicking Astralis out of the ESL Pro League S13. 

[link:{"url":"","text":"Read more: FURIA outclass Astralis 2-0 to secure semi-final spot in EPL"}]

Watch FURIA’s dominant 16-2 victory over Astralis right here. 

In 2021, we have seen Astralis get dominated like never before. Is it time for a change in the Danish camp? Only time will tell. Until then, Astralis will start preparations for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, where they are the top seed and will be facing OG in the first round of the single-elimination bracket.

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