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Danish expert about Astralis: We´re approaching the limit for what is acceptable

The Danish superstars have been in very bad form lately, and this bad form curve worries the Danish expert Jacob “Pimp” Winneche.

Astralis is currently the world number two after the mighty Gambit according to HLTV´s world rankings, but do they deserve that spot?

Two years ago, it wasn’t up to discussion which team was the best team in the world, when Astralis was on another level than any other team in the world, but the Danes have to play under expectation for some time now.

The Danish CS:GO expert Jacob “Pimp” Winneche stated the following:

-We are close to the point, where they need to do something drastic.

He has always been following the Danish super team, but he Is worried that they won’t become the same “Astralis” again with the same roster.

The way they got knocked out of the tournaments lately has been some of the worst he has ever seen Astralis. The instability has been very strange for Astralis, who always have been stabile in their performances.

Many have pointed to the missing fans on the stands as the thing that makes Astralis lose focus as if they can’t get pumped and focused on the games without the pressure.


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