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CPH Flames defeat fnatic 2-0

The Danes are now through to the Semi-finals of the tournament.

CPH Flames have eliminated fnatic from ELISA Invitational Fall, following a 2-0 victory in the Quarter-finals. The Danes will now move on to the Semi-finals of the tournament, where they will face Gambit in the Bo3-series on Friday.

The first map started on Copenhagen Flames’ map pick of Vertigo, where fnatic quickly took an early 5-0 lead on the CT side. The European team dominated on the CT, but unfortunately for them, the Danes slowly began to find their footing, climbing back on the scoreboard to close the gap. The first half ended 8-7 in favor of fnatic. In the second half, Copenhagen Flames secured the pistol and took the lead for the first time in the match. fnatic kicked back into the gear and grabbing three rounds in a row to make it tie, 12-12, but the Danish side eventually closed out the map 16-12.

Fnatic started strong on the T side of Overpass, where they quickly bounced back after losing the first map to create a 5-0 lead. CPH Flames picked themselves up and managed to add a few rounds to their tally. KRIMZ and company went on to comfortably end the half with an 11-4 advantage, giving them a head start going into the defending side. Roles were reversed in the second half, and CPH Flames proved more competitive, closing the gap to their opponents 12-12, and all smiles were on the CPH Flames side. Despite a slow start, the Danes climbed back and ended up closing the map 16-14 on the back of a strong team performance as Terrorists.


Fnatic – CPH Flames 0-2 | ELISA Invitational Fall


12-16 (Vertigo) | roeJ – 1.63 Rating / 29-18 K-D / 114.0 ADR

14-16 (Overpass) | roeJ – 1.39 Rating / 27-23 K-D / 107.6 ADR

MVP: Fredrik "roeJ" Jørgensen – 1.50 Rating / 56-41 K-D / 110.7 ADR

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