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Brazilian rifler is the strongest 1vs1 player in 2022

KSCERATO has been crowned the best 1v1 player of 2022.

HLTV has made a Twitter post showcasing which player is most likely to convert a 1v1 situation. The stat is based on Big Events in 2022.

KSCERATO and FURIA played well during the 2022 season despite the team not winning any titles. FURIA´s biggest success was at home ground when the Brazilian team managed to get a 3-4th place doing the IEM Rio Major 2022. Their star rifler KSCERATO was the second highest-rated player throughout the entire tournament with a stunning 1.33 rating across 10 maps.

The past 6 months have been great for the 23-year-old rifler as he is averaging 1.28 rating / 0.56 DPR / 75.8% KAST / 1.29 IMPACT / 84.7 ADR / 0.78 KPR.

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