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Brazilian meltdown as FURIA lose out to BIG

Despite a 13-3 lead, FURIA suffered a tough defeat on Vertigo in front of a disappointed crowd.

"A collapse of epic proportions". The commentary from Jason "moses" O'Toole said it all during FURIA's meltdown against BIG.

After two South American losses, the expectations towards FURIA could be heard in the loud crowd at the Riocentro Arena, where the Challenger and Legends Stage are being played at IEM Rio. The hometown heroes got off to a superb start. An aggressive first half on the CT side gave FURIA a healthy 12-3 lead after the first 15 rounds. Kaike “kscerato” Cerato started the second half clutching a 1vs3 situation, which caused the Riocentro to erupt.

Despite that, BIG started to heat up. As CT's BIG came back to force the match to overtime, where a stunned crowd witnessed a heartbroken FURIA team, who lost everything on the floor. FURIA will play again tonight, and will have to recover from a spectacular loss on home soil.

FURIA – BIG 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challenger Stage)

16-19 (Vertigo) | Kaike “kscerato” Cerato – 1.27 Rating / 27–21 K-D / 90.7 ADR

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