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blameF: When k0nfig plays really well, that elevates the team a lot

We spoke with "blameF" after their loss against FaZe at IEM Cologne 2022

Astralis is a name that everybody in the world of Counter-Strike have stumbled upon at least once or twice before, and for good reason. The Danes of Astralis used to be impossible to beat and reigned terror upon their opponents for many years. The reality of today's Astralis, however, has been a challenging one for the Danes throughout the year. Ending on a high note, the Danes have secured a spot in the playoffs, despite their recent loss to FaZe.

A player that, unlike the rest of his teammates, has managed to keep a consistently high level of performance throughout the season is "blameF". It finally seems as if the remaining four players of Astralis' roster are beginning to find their groove with great performances at the IEM Cologne 2022 event. When asked about the importance of everybody performing well within the roster, "blameF" stated the following:

"It makes a big difference for sure. I think the biggest difference in the team right now is when k0nfig plays really well, that elevates the team a lot. But yeah it is good to see when other players plays good individually as well, for sure."

To hear what the dangerously skilled rifler "blameF" had to say after a tough loss to an impressive FaZe roster, you can watch our entire talk with him posted down below:

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