BIG fall to FURIA |

Credit: PGL

BIG fall to FURIA

The Germans were bested despite great resilience.

Another game of the 1-1 teams was on the cards when BIG and FURIA took to the server. With only one map to be played the teams chose to take the fight to Vertigo.

"saffee" and "yuurih" were red hot as soon as the whistle blew and contributed heavily throughout the entire first half, which led to a dominating 12-3 T-side for the Brazilians.
BIG came alive after arriving on the T side, and led by the newest addition "Krimbo", the Germans dominatingly went on a 7-1 run. Despite the Germans keeping the game alive for longer than expected, the Brazilians' extreme ramp aggression yielded them three rounds towards the end which saw them close out the map.

With the win, FURIA are now 2-1 and primed for the playoffs, while BIG will have to do it the hard way

BIG - FURIA 0-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

10-16 (Vertigo) | saffee - 1.55 Rating / 25-11 K-D / 84.4 ADR

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