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BIG best NIP in opening matchup

The Ninjas could not get it going on the CT side.

A European matchup in Dallas was on the cards when the Germans of BIG and the Scandinavians of NIP clashed in a Bo1. The map choice fell upon Ancient, a somewhat curious pick considering the extreme CT side dominance we often see on it.

BIG, starting on the CT side, got off to an early 4-0 lead while looking very comfortable. NIP by way of huge individual rounds, especially from "Brollan", found their way onto the board and in the end managed to get six rounds before the break.

All of the good work that the Ninjas had done on the difficult T side ended up being irrelevant as they were picked apart on the CT side by the thriving German squad.

NIP - BIG 0-1 | IEM Dallas 2022

10-16 (Ancient) | syrsoN - 1.45 Rating / 23-12 K-D / 81.0 ADR

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