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Astralis and Vitality secure Semi-Finals in style

Most notable was the clear 2-0 win for Astralis against their rivals from Heroic.

A new chapter of Astralis seems to be ready to be written in Cologne. The most successful team in the CS:GO era is about to end its journey on a high before the launch of CS2, after some troublesome years with lackluster results on the server.

In Cologne the Danes have looked revitalized. The addition of Victor "Staehr" Staehr and Johannes "b0RUP" Borup seems to have solved the roles on the team. But more impressively has been the monster performances of the perhaps most inexperienced player in the playoff stage Christian Møss "Buzz" Andersen. The young Danish rifler has stringed together three incredible maps in a row against NAVI (2.02 rating), and Heroic (1.52 rating and 1.65 rating).

Buzz was part of the reason why the Astralis - Heroic match in Cologne never really took off. Astralis were simply outclassing their Danish rivals and won 16-11, 16-7.

Vitality is back on track

Cloud9 had Ax1Le back on the roster, but unfortunately for the fans of the NA organization, we never really got to see the new lineup flourish. Against Team Vitality they lost their own map pick 16-11, and despite putting up a good fight on Inferno, Cloud9 lost the quarter-final 2-0.

Now Vitality is ready to face ENCE in the semi-final, while Astralis takes on G2.

Today's schedule:

15.30: ENCE - Vitality
19.00: G2 - Astralis

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