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Astralis star: I have to prove myself

It’s a heavily motivated Xyp9x who returns to the Astralis camp, saying he has a lot to prove after his break.

Astralis will on Monday kick off their Blast Premier Fall campaign in an exciting matchup against MIBR. One of the biggest storylines is the return of their star player Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth who once again will feature on Astralis’ active roster.

The 25-year old Dane who has earned the nickname “The Clutch Minister” has been side-lined for nearly half a year on sick leave due to stress symptoms and a “lack of motivation”.

However, Xyp9x gave an interview with TV2 Sporten yesterday, saying that he’s ready to compete at the very top again. He explains in the interview how he has gained and benefitted from his break and now is at the right state to contend again.

“I feel that, I have gained lots of new energy and motivation to come back. I have also played a bit with the team which have gone very well, so I feel that nothing has gone missing during my stress period”

Xyp9x admires the man who took over from him, namely Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and acknowledge the strong level of play es3tag brought to Astralis after his arrival. For that reason, Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth believe that he has to prove himself, showing the CS:GO world that he can deliver from day one.

“I definitely have some motivation, and I have to try to prove that now where Patrick has done so well, that people not should doubt if I can come back and deliver.”

Xyp9x do not doubt his own abilities and talents and as he says with a smile.

“We must remember that it’s still the same Xyp”

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