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Astralis star frustrated with Valve

The Danish AWPer Nicolai "device" Reedtz has been one of the most vocal in critique against Valve.

The recent change of the rules of the use of coaches during an online RMR-event has been the subject of criticism from the CS:GO scene.

- During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match. - Valve 27.01-2021.

The limitation of the coaches and support staff came after the Coaching-bug scandal, where it was revealed that a spectator bug had been abused for several years before being detected.

For Astralis and other teams that had not been involved in the scandal, the limitation of the use of coaches has not been received well.

The Danish AWPer explains furthermore about the situation in this video.

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