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Astralis smash EG.PA in Group B opener

The Danes got off to a good start at the Pinnacle Cup in Sweden.

In the first match of Group B, gla1ve’s men from Astralis took the victory over EG.PA in the Pinnacle Cup in a dominant 16-6 display on Overpass. The former Party Astronauts roster, who is now a part of EG’s 15-man pool, face a difficult task in their first event as they have been sent to a nail-biting elimination match against the loser of Imperial vs. Finest. Just like MIBR and Heroic, EG.PA will now have to secure two victories to secure a place in the playoffs’ lower bracket.

Astralis’ blameF stole the show and nearly dropped a 30-bomb as he destroyed the North American squad. The 24-year-old Dane dropped 29 frags with only 11 deaths and finished with a whopping 2.06 Rating at the end of the match.

Astralis – EG.PA 1-0 | Overpass: 16-6 | Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022


Benjamin “blameF” Bremer | 29-11 K/D – 131.8 ADR – 2.06 Rating 

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