Credit: Michael Konkol, BLAST

Astralis crash out of first EU qualifier for RMR

The Danes lost to an unknown CIS team.

In the first open online qualification tournament, Astralis, Copenhagen Flames, Eternal Fire, Entropiq, and Fnatic are all out.

Most notable was the Astralis exit. The first-seeded Danes lost to Aurora featuring former Entropiq player Lack1 as the most prominent name. On Overpass Astralis failed to win their CT side, which ended up costing them the match. Farlig, k0nfig, and blameF all had ratings below 1.00 after the match, which was dominated by Aleksandr 'KaiR0N-' Anashkin, who smashed Astralis with a 102.1 ADR during the map.

Four teams ended up qualifying yesterday. Aurora, Falcons, MOUZ, and Sprout are all guaranteed a spot at the European RMR tournament towards IEM Rio. The four teams will play seeding matches later today, while four other teams will play the last spot in the RMR in the 5th place decider bracket. Here OG is the big favorite going up against BLUEJAYS, ECSTATIC, and Portuguese Family.

The second EU online qualifier will begin on Saturday. There are four events in total, so there are still chances for Astralis and all others to qualify.

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