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Astralis bounce back after disapointing loss over LDLC

Astralis goes 1-1 in the Swiss round.

Astralis is back on track after their disappointing loss over LDLC in their opening match in the Paris Major Europe RMR Closed Qualifier.

The mighty Danes managed to take down PGE Turow in a dominant fashion. With Device playing lights-out and their newest signing Buzz playing well PGE Turow stood no chance against the top team from Denmark.

Playing on Nuke, Astralis gained themselves a 12-0 on the favored CT side after impressive clutches and high individual level. PGE fought their absolute best but couldn't hold back the Danes from securing their first victory at the qualifier 16-2.

Astralis is now 1-1 in the Swiss round and will play their next match in the qualifier tomorrow.

Astralis vs. PGE Turow 1-0 | Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR

Nuke: Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer - 20-5 K-D / 121.0 ADR / +15 +/- / 1.99 Rating.

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