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Video: Stone cold "arT" knifes his fellow countryman

arT strikes fear into his opponent with a slick knife kill to end the round

FURIA and MIBR are currently facing each other in a Brazilian brawl. The Brazilian rosters are often incredibly aggressive and always put on a great show for a Counter-Strike fan to watch. And it is no different when you have two of them on the server at once. Whilst the two teams are currently only playing the first map of the series, there has already been a knife kill.

Sneaking behind an unsuspecting "shz was the 25-year-old Andrei "arT" Piovezan. With "shz" distracted by what is about to come from CT-spawn, "arT" sneaks behind up him from the market and stabs him in the back, earning some extra cash to take with him into the next round as well as the respect from his opponents.

Take a look at the cool, calm, and collected knife kill from "arT":

The game between FURIA and MIBR is currently undergoing - you can watch it live right here:

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