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Today in CS:GO - Wednesday 13/7 - 2022

Spots for ESL Challenger Melbourne are at stake today.

Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America are all regions where there will be fought for a ticket to the ESL Challenger Melbourne event at September.

In Europe Sprout and HEET have qualified for the upper final, which will guarentee one of them a spot in the Grand Final tomorrow. The loser will drop down to Consolidation Final.

You can see the full schedule of all the matches at the different ESL Challenger Melbourne qualifiers down below (CEST):

8.30: VERTEX - Aftershock (Oceania)
8.30: Encore - DGG (Oceania)
10.30: IHC - Wings Up (Asia)
10.30: TheMongolz - YK (Asia)
15.30: Formel - Entropiq (Europe)
15.30: K23 - forZe (Europe)
20.00: Sprout - HEET (Europe)
23.30: EG.PA - TeamOne (North America)
23.30: Galmin Gladiators - ATK (North America)

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