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Swedish Ninjas secure spot for BLAST Premier Spring Finals

Ninjas in Pyjamas are the first team to book a spot in BLAST Premier Spring Finals following two victories over Astralis and BIG.

NiP have defeated two of the best teams in the world at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups and secured a spot in the Finals following a 2-0 victory over the German-side from BIG in the upper bracket final.

The action started on Overpass where the German-side grabbed nine rounds in a row before NiP woke up and took the last six of first half. In the second half, the game followed the same pattern. BIG coming out strong and quickly reaching map point at 15-7. NiP didn’t give up and won eight consecutive rounds, taking the game into overtime and securing the first map of the series.

On Mirage the Swedish Ninjas carried their momentum from the opener as they won eight rounds on their CT side before BIG started to answer back on the T-side, lowering their deficit right before half time. A crucial 1v1 clutch from Plopski against tiziaN helped NiP to take the control of the game and close out the map 16-12.


Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez Zamora | 1.22 rating | 86.6 rating | 57-45 K/D

Highlight of the series:

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals will be held from June 15-20 with $425.000 up for grabs.

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