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Sprout secure Grand final spot over Sinners

The German-side are through to the Grand final at European Development Championship 2 following a 2-1 victory over Sinners in the semi-final stage.

A strong showing from kressy and company in the semi-final at EDC resulted in a victory over Sinners to secure a Grand final spot. The German-side are set to face off against smooya and company from Movistar Riders in the Grand final on Thursday at 15:00 (CET).

Train: 5-16 | NEOFRAG – 1.77 Rating | 104.2 ADR | 23-10 K/D
Vertigo: 16-13 | faveN – 1.37 Rating | 98.0 ADR | 29-18 K/D
Mirage: 16-9 | kressy – 1.83 Rating | 123.2 ADR | 29-16 K/D

It was a rough start for Sprout at the semi-final as their opponent came out strong with NEOFRAG in charge to quickly end the map 5-16. The Germans bounced back on Vertigo where they turned things upside down after being down 2-8 to take the game to the decider. Kressy and company put together a solid offence in large part on Mirage thanks to impact plays from kressy, which helped the German-side to claim the series and book a ticket to the Grand final.


Josef “faveN” Baumann – 1.35 Rating | 90.8 ADR | 67-46 K/D

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