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Sprout forced to make roster change before Major qualifier

Staehr is not able to compete in this weeks RMR tournament, Sprout confirms on Twitter.

The Germans from Sprout will not attend the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major European RMR B in full force. The underdogs are set to do without their youngster Victor “Staehr” Staehr due to the 17-year-old rifler feeling sick.

Head coach Danny “BERRY” Krüger has been confirmed as a substitute for the important RMR tournament.

- Super sad about this. Was so hyped to play the RMR, but there is nothing I Can do about it. Just praying I can get there soon. Until then, I’ll cheer on the boys from home, Staehr wrote on Twitter.

Sprout, now without Staehr, will kick off their RMR campaign tomorrow at 14:45 (CET) when they take on Copenhagen Flames in a Bo1 series. They will fight against top-tier teams as Astralis, G2, Gambit and NIP in the battle for the prestigious Major spots.

Sprout | Active roster

Timo "⁠Spiidi⁠" Richter

Fritz "⁠slaxz-⁠" Dietrich

Rasmus "⁠raalz⁠" Steensborg

Max "⁠Marix⁠" Kugener

Danny "⁠BERRY⁠" Krüger (stand-in)


Victor "⁠Staehr⁠" Staehr (bench)

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