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Credit: Stephanie Lieske ESL

Sprout defeat Lyngby Vikings to qualify for playoffs

The German-side from Sprout took down Lyngby Vikings 2-1 in the Group D winners’ match to qualify for the playoffs at European Development Championship.

Sprout are now ready for the playoffs at European Development Championship after closing out the series 2-1 against Lyngby Vikings with an insane comeback on the decider of Nuke.

Dust2: 8-16 | birdfromsky – 1.40 Rating | 89.3 ADR | 22-13 K/D
Vertigo: 16-12 | kressy – 1.76 Rating | 121.8 ADR | 28-16 K/D
Nuke: 16-14 | NaToSaphiX – 1.45 Rating | 87.5 ADR | 27-19 K/D

Lyngby Vikings caught the German-side off guard on the opener of Dust2 and secured the first map of the series in a very controlled manner. Sprout answered back by taking Vikings’ pick of Vertigo, even though they were off to a slow start on CT-side. The German-side only allowed NaToSaphiX and company to grab 3 rounds as they switched sides and ended a nearly perfect T-side to equalize the series. It seemed like the Vikings would take the series on Nuke as they stormed to a 3-10 lead on T-side, but as the teams switched sides, Sprout came back from a 6-12 deficit with kressy playing a massive role for his team.


Marko “kressy” Dordevic – 1.22 Rating | 81.2 ADR | 60-48 K/D

Lyngby Vikings will fight once again tomorrow in the decider match against the winner of ex-ETHEREAL/forZe, while Sprout are set to face off against SAW in about a week.

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