Sprout acquire kyuubii as their new sixth man

Sprout rewards the 16-year-old talent with a place on their active roster.

The German youngster Can “kyuubii” Kamber is signing with Sprout. The organization with a collaboration with the esports player foundation has paved the way for the young German talent.

He is going to be the sixth man on Sprout and therefore will be added to their active roster with immediate effect.

Jörg Adami from the esports player foundation has stated the following about the aspiring teenager.

- Can is an outstanding talent and a true role model for an upcoming generation of professional and successful esports players. He plans his career for the long term and does not focus on short-term success but on sustainable career development.

The CEO of Sprout Daniel Paulus stated the following after the signing.

- Today is a very special day for us as we facilitate an extraordinary approach of talent promotion in cooperation with the esports player foundation for one of the most promising upcoming talents: Can “kyuubii” Kamber. We are aiming to allow him sound education and growth in esports.

Sprout | Roster

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Josef “faveN” Baumann

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Can “kyuubii” Kamber (Six-man)

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