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Snow Sweet Snow update - four 2-0 victories

The event has reached the playoffs stage and things are getting heated

AGO vs Sinners (2-0)

A spot in the Quarter-finals was up for grabs when AGO faced Sinners in a Bo3-series in the Snow Sweet Snow 2 event. A close series was on the cards, and whilst it ended 2-0 in favor of AGO both teams seemed ready and eager to fight.

Failing in capitalizing on their own map-pick, Sinners had to see themselves beat 16-11 on Vertigo. The second map took place on Train and being picked by AGO they managed, unsurprisingly, to drive home the 2-0 victory with a 16-13 map win on Train.

16-11 AGO (Vertigo) | F1KU 1.39 Rating / 114.3 ADR / 25-19 K-D

16-13 AGO (Train) | F1KU 1.50 Rating / 111.6 ADR / 28-20 K-D

Copenhagen Flames vs Nemiga (2-0)

Going into the series Nemiga were, on paper, the favorites. However, that didn't seem the case when beginning their battle. The series started on Copenhagen Flames territory and despite Nemiga's best attempt, it was also the Danes to take home map one on Overpass.

Det second map was to be played on Inferno. The map was picked by Nemiga, but with Copenhagen Flames fired up from map one it proved to be a difficult task for the CIS team. They had to see themselves beaten at 16-7 on Inferno, and therefore also 2-0 in the series.

16-13 Copenhagen Flames (Overpass) | jabbi 1.69 Rating / 92.6 ADR / 28-14 K-D

16-7 Copenhagen Flames (Inferno) | nicoodoz 1.30 Rating / 74.9 ADR / 18-11 K-D

HAVU vs Anonymo (2-0)

Anonymo is the second Polish team to have made it to the playoffs of Snow Sweet Snow 2, however, their destiny would prove to be different than the one of AGO. After losing 16-10 on Overpass and being crushed on their own map pick of Train 16-6, they will have to see themselves defeated by the Finish players of HAVU 2-0.

16-10 HAVU (Overpass) | sLowi 1.62 Rating / 102.3 ADR / 27-15 K-D

16-6 HAVU (Train) | Aerial 1.37 Rating / 90.4 ADR / 23-14 K-D

Winstrike vs MIBR (2-0)

The last game of the Round of 16 in Snow Sweet Snow 2 was between Winstrike and MIBR. Both teams seemed ready to battle, but one more than the other. Carrying on the theme of successful CIS teams, it was Winstrike to ultimately defeat their opponents with a dominant 2-0 victory against MIBR.

16-9 Winstrike (Mirage) | El1an 1.61 Rating / 88.0 ADR / 25-9 K-D

16-12 Winstrike (Overpass) | NickelBack 1.37 Rating / 97.0 ADR / 23-15 K-D

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