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AGO with fantastic win against SKADE!

AGO moves on to the semi-final of the Spring Sweet Spring 3.

The first map was to be played on Dust2, where AGO delivered a fantastic win in SKADE´s map pick.

After a fantastic start as the CT side on the T-sided map, it looked like AGO had an extra gear to their game on the day.

They managed to win the first half on Dust2 9-6 in a half where they dominated to the fullest.

In the second half, AGO dominated yet again, and they managed to win 7-3 which was enough for them to win 16-9 in the first map.

The second map was AGO´s map pick, where they delivered yet another great map!

After the first half on the new map, Ancient AGO was leading 11-4 as the T side, which made the game seem like a formality.

Therefore, they only needed five rounds to win and they managed to win the second half 5-4, which was enough to give them the 16-8 win against SKADE.

SKADE – AGO (0-2) | Spring Sweet Spring 3

9-16 (Dust2) | F1KU – 1.41 Rating / 23-13 K-D / 94.6 ADR

8-16 (Ancient) | rallen – 1.99 Rating / 30-11 – K-D / 117.7 ADR

MVP of the series

Karol “rallen” Rodowicz – 1.62 Rating / 49-26 K-D / 104.9 ADR

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