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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Rare Atom upset MIBR after marathon-length Overpass battle

The Chinese Rare Atom roster are through to the Semi-finals

The mini-event that is ESL Challenger 2022 in Valencia, Spain is nearing a conclusion as there will only be four teams left competing to be the champions of the event after today's Bo3-series. One of these brawl were between Rare Atom and MIBR. On paper, the Brazilians of MIBR were the heavy favorites, ranking 30 places higher in HLTV's official rankings than Rare Atom.

Whilst it might be MIBR who rank higher in the rankings, a different story unfolded as the two locked horns in a battle for a spot in tomorrow's Semi-finals. A confident victory on Inferno, followed by a marathon length battle on Overpass saw the Chinese roster take home the victory against MIBR. The 2-0 victory means that Rare Atom will be facing Outsiders tomorrow in a Semi-final brawl for a spot in the Grand Final.

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