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Pley of the Day: hades insane 1v4

The Polish AWPer has made his way to our #POTD!

9INE’s Olek “hades” Miskiewicz has made his way to our #POTD after he pulled off an impressive 1v4 clutch on Nuke during a match between 9INE and Aurora. The situation seemed dire for hades as he found himself alone against four of Aurora’s players with the bomb in his possession. With the odds stacked against him, hades made the bold decision to head towards B-side of the map. His first priority was to plant the bomb without any interruption from the opposing team.

He managed to get into position and plant the bomb with ease, but the real challenge laid ahead. hades was now facing four enemies who were determined to prevent him from winning the round. By using his game sense and positioning to his advantage, hades patiently waited for the Aurora players to make the first move, and when they did, he struck with deadly precision.

One by one, hades picked off the Aurora players, taking advantage of their big mistake to not swamp him all together. His accuracy and quick reflexes were on full display as he landed precise headshots and outmaneuvered his opponents.

Watch his 1v4 clutch right here:

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