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Credit: ESL Helena Kristiansson

NIP takes big scalp and qualifies for IEM Katowice

An amazing performance from Plopski gave the Swedes the last push to hand Virtus.pro a 2-0 defeat.

The resurgence of Ninja in Pyjamas continues. After the addition of Erik "ztr" Gustafsson, the Swedish Ninjas has improved drastically in 2021.

At today's match against Virtus.pro, the Swedes were dubbed big underdogs beforehand. But an unreal performance from Nicolas "Plopski" Gonzalez Zamorra gave NIP an excellent start to the match by winning Overpass 16-13. Plopski went +13 in K-D with an incredible 133.8 ADR during the 29 rounds.

Dust2 is usually the strongest map for Virtus.pro. With an 88% win-rate during the last three months on the map, the CIS team was expected to rebound quickly. A quick 6-0 lead seemed to play into that storyline, but NIP fought their way back and finished the first half only one round behind.

In the second half Ninjas in Pyjamas simply outclassed their opponents. NIP controlled the match and made all the right plays leaving Virtus.pro in several impossible retake situations. NIP won Dust2 and the match with 16-11 and is now ready for the Group Stage at the main tournament at IEM Katowice.

Virtus.pro will have another chance to qualify tomorrow when they face the winner of Renegade/TeamOne.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Virtus.pro 2-0 (16-13, 16-11)

MVP: Plopski - 1.49 rating / 55-36 K-D / 103.9 ADR

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