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NIP ready for Gambit rendevouz after clear 2-0 victory

The Swedish Ninjas swiftly eliminated MOUZ from IEM Katowice in today's last match.

Ninjas in Pyjamas stay alive at the lower bracket at IEM Katowice. In the last match of the day at the tournament, the Swedes took care of MOUZ in two quick maps.

NIP won both halves on MOUZ's map pick, Vertigo to steal the first map. On Ancient the dominance continued, especially in the second half on NIP's CT side. Here the Swedes won all rounds to eliminate MOUZ from the tournament.

In the lower bracket final in Group A, NIP will face Gambit. A rematch of the first round of the tournament, where NIP won 2-1 against the CIS team. The match will be played tomorrow at 16.00 (CET). The winner advance to the quarter-finals next week in the Spodek Arena.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - MOUZ 2-0 | IEM Katowice

16-11 (Vertigo) | REZ – 1.54 Rating / 26-17 K-D / 97.7 ADR

16-6 (Ancient) | Plopski - 1.43 Rating / 18-14 K-D / 96.3 ADR

MVP: Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner - 1.24 Rating / 42-30 K-D / 85.8 ADR

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