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NIP IGL “I think that it is rough”

The NIP IGL has spoken with HLTV Confirmed, where he talks about the many roster changes in the NIP roster this year.

The IGL from NIP the problems with changing teammates this often, after these many roster changes from NIP this year.

Professeur asked hampus what´s it like to change a few players without having the breakthrough, and hampus stated the following:

- I would say it´s a bit rough, there are so many games. And as we changed players, I don’t really care what the lineup would have been but I think we should have stayed as a five, or change one or a maximum of two times, then I think we would be closer to the top five than we are now.

He later commentated on the team’s work being for nothing.

- I think we work then we have some highs and we have some lows, then we had some bumps and then they chose to change the players instead of just working over the bump, I think that it is rough.

Watch some highlights from NIP´s game vs OG here:

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