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hampus on HLTV Confirmed “I´m a self-taught IGL”

The Swedish IGL from NIP hasn’t gone through training to be the IGL, it comes more natural and self-taught for him.

The Swedish Hampus “hampus” Poser has been the in-game leader for NIP for over a year now, and he has improved ever since.

hampus isn’t the typical IGL, as we see from example the neighboring country Denmark, where many players get taught to be the IGL, if they have a particular skillset. hampus is a self-taught IGL, and there aren’t many Swedish IGL´s out in the pro teams.

Professeur asked if hampus was a real IGL or he just calls here and there, and the Swedish IGL answered the following:

- I didn’t play with an IGL, we didn’t have an IGL so I just called some stuff, and when we came to the GODSENT time, that’s when I started try-harding on the calling. I´m just self-taught in that way, I watched some demos and other IGL´s and tried to figure out why they called the things they called when I saw the demos, and that’s how it went!

Watch some highlights from hampus here:

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