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Ninjas in Pyjamas book tickets to Fall Finals

The Scandinavian brawl concluded with NiP as the victors

In the penultimate Bo3-series at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, a Scandinavian brawl of the highest caliber was established as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Heroic locked horns and entered the server. Both teams were in dire need of a victory today in order of them leaving the event satisfied and with a ticket to the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Finals event. On paper, the brawl between Heroic and NiP could go any direction, however, once the battle had begun it became clear that one team was slightly superior to the other. Despite a close affair on all three maps, it was ultimately NiP who managed to run away with the victory ahead of the Danes of Heroic.

As mentioned the first map of the Bo3-series took place on Inferno and was picked by the Ninjas in Pyjamas. In addition to being the most successful map for the Ninjas in the past three months, it is also one of Heroic's worst-performing maps as of late. In other words, the Danes had a tough challenge ahead of them, a challenge that, albeit difficult, was attacked with confidence by "cadiaN" and his troops. Not much separated the two rosters in the first half of Inferno as they traded rounds and ultimately switched sides at the scoreline of 8-7. The Scandinavian brawl continued in the second half as it had played out in the first, incredibly close. Despite "stavn" putting up another great individual performance it wasn't enough for the Danes to get across the finish line and at the scoreline of 16-14, it was the Ninjas in Pyjamas who were able to walk away with the victory.

The second map of the Bo3-series was, of course, picked by Heroic which meant a trip to Mirage. Being the most played map in professional CS:GO history, it is a map that most teams have had their fair share of games on, these two included. With momentum carrying over from Inferno, NiP started Mirage the strongest and posted a great CT-sided half which resulted in a slight lead going into the second half at 8-7. What was close combat between the two rosters quickly became one-sided as Heroic's CT-side proved too difficult for the Ninjas to break down. A hyped "cadiaN" lead his team to victory on Mirage at the scoreline of 16-9.

The Heroic victory on Mirage meant a third and final map for the Bo3-series to find its victor and what map more fitting as a decider between NiP and Heroic than Overpass. Overpass is a map that both teams have been incredibly strong on and to some extent still are. Despite starting on their arguably weaker side as the T's, "hampus" and his troops seemed eager to get things rolling as their aggressive and creative executives put Heroic through trouble. At 10-5, the Danes had everything to do in the second half of Overpass. As expected, Heroic were met by a strong defense from NiP, and with everyone from the Ninjas stepping up to the plate, it was too much for the Heroic roster to handle. At the scoreline of 16-7 the Scandinavian brawl concluded with NiP as the victors.

NiP - Heroic 2-1 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

16-14 (Inferno) | stavn – 1.28 Rating / 24-19 K-D / 96.2 ADR

9-16 (Mirage) | cadiaN – 1.39 Rating / 22-13 K-D / 84.7 ADR

16-7 (Overpass) | plopski – 1.45 Rating / 19-13 K-D / 90.6 ADR

MVP: Hampus "hampus" Poser 1.09 Rating /55-46 K-D / 77.2 ADR

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