Double Poney survives another day at Flashpoint

The Frenchmen eliminated Anonymo after three closely fought maps.

Double Poney continues their lower bracket run at Flashpoint 3 after a 2-1 victory against Anonymo.

The two teams won their own map pick comfortably to set up a decider on Nuke.

Here Anonymo got off to the best start leading 9-6 at the break. A well-playing Aurélien 'afro' Drapier kept the Frenchmen in the game with the AWP and AUG in his hands. At 12-12, the two teams started trading rounds in a nerve-wracking ending to the match, where it was the smallest of margins that made the difference. Anonymo had the chance to close off the match at 15-14, but Double Poney managed to force the match to overtime.

The Frenchmen turned up the heat in OT, and simply ran over the Poles. They ended the OT with a perfect boost, which gave them the entry kill to seal the deal.

Double Poney will now face BIG in the next match in the lower bracket, while Anonymo is eliminated from the main tournament. The Poles will now fight for extra RMR points in the 9-12th place decider.

Anonymo - DBL Poney 1-2 | Flashpoint 3

16-9 (Vertigo) |  KEi – 1.78 Rating / 27-11 K-D / 103.5 ADR

8-16 (Inferno) |  afro – 1.62 Rating / 22-10 K-D / 96.4 ADR

16-19 (Nuke) |  afro – 1.25 Rating / 31-22 K-D / 91.2 ADR


Aurélien 'afro' Drapier – 1.29 Rating / 72-51 K-D / 88.5 ADR

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