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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Live: Complexity vs HEET

Follow along with the thrilling Group B decider match between Complexity and HEET

Things are getting more and more intense as both FURIA and Virtus.pro have claimed the first advancing spot in their respective groups. Today we will find the teams that join them in advancing from the groups. This, luckily, means a thrilling Bo3 brawl between the new-look Complexity roster and the French HEET roster.

On paper the French are the favorites going into the Bo3-series, however, as we have come to learn over the past years of professional Counter-Strike, anything can happen when you are dealing with an NA roster. Will it be Complexity or HEET to secure the last three points needed to advance from Group B? Find out now as the Bo3-series is about to go LIVE.

You can watch the entire Bo3-series right here down below:

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