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HEET takes down OG to go 2-0 in Paris Major RMR Qualifer

The newly established lineup is off to a great start.

OG took upon HEET in their second match at Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR qualifier.

Inferno came out as the map to be played after the VETO. OG started off best as they secured themselves the first pistol round of the game. After a close first half with rounds going back and forth, HEET was the team to come out on top 8-7.

Switching sides OG once again managed to take the pistol round. With OG winning the second pistol round of the game, the mixed European team took the lead for the first time since their 2-0 start. However, HEET bounce back and dominated OG to take the win 16-10 on the CT side.

HEET is now 2-0 in the Swiss round and will play their next match in the Europe qualifier tomorrow.

OG vs. HEET 0-1 | Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR.

Inferno: Thomas 'Djoko' Pavoni - 23-18 K-D / 99.8 ADR / +5 +/- / 1.51 Rating.

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