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honda step in for junior once again

The young Brazilian will play his second tournament for FURIA as Paytyn “junior” Johnson remains sidelined due to passport issues.

FURIA’s newest pick to the roster are still facing passport and document issues and they are therefore set to once again utilize Lucas “honda” Cano in their next tournament at the cs_summit 7 event.

The 20-year-old Brazilian played for FURIA in BLAST Premier Global Final and averaged a 0.80 rating over six maps, with the team losing to G2 and Evil Geniuses which send them home packing with a last-place finish. honda still managed to prove that he can deliver against the very best and most notably scored three aces in his debut.

Because of junior’s absence, captain Andrei “arT” Piovezan ended up being the one to fill the AWP role which limited his playmaking ability and was the reason we didn’t see the FURIA squad with the style and approach to the game that they are used to.

honda and company will battle it out with seven Top 20 teams in the world at the $200.000 tournament that is set to run from January 25-31. The event will start with a bo3 GSL group stage that will determine which teams advance to the single-elimination playoff stage.

Watch honda’s three aces at BLAST Premier Global Final right here:

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