Credit: FURIA

Highlight: All HS pistol-ACE from saffee

"saffee" makes clicking heads look easy and collects pistol-round ACE

The Brazilians of FURIA are known for their aggressive, creative, and very skillful playing style. As an opponent to FURIA, you are never quite sure as to when you are being pushed, flanked, or put in a stalemate. The unique playing style of FURIA is sure to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents and in addition to that also create some fantastic highlights for our viewing pleasure.

Once again FURIA, and more specifically "saffee", delivered. When facing Sprout in the ESL Pro League Season 15 event, the Brazilian sniper started the Bo3-series in the best possible manner. Remaining cool, calm, and collected, he punished every single Sprout player rushing the B-bombsite. Hitting nothing but headshots it was "saffee" to singlehandedly win the first pistol-round of the Bo3-series for his team.

Take a look at the clinical and clean USP ACE from the Brazilian sniper "saffee" in the clip posted down below:

The Bo3-series between FURIA and Sprout is currently LIVE - you can watch the rest of the game right here down below:

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