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FURIA win dramatic match in overtime against OG

In a very intense game of Counter-Strike, FURIA came back to go 2-1 at IEM Rio.

The Riocentro Arena was packed with Brazilians hungry for success after yesterday’s disappointing showings by the South American teams at the tournament.

FURIA and OG faced each other in the 1-1 pool. An all-even first half ended with OG leading 8-7 before a dramatic second half would determine, who would be thrown out into dangerous water going down to the 1-2 pool, where one defeat equals elimination.

The two teams followed each other until OG established a lead at 13-10. FURIA came back to 13-12, but then lost momentum. The Brazilians constantly lost the opening duels, which set them in a disadvantageous position. At 15-12 OG had three match chances to finish off FURIA, but failed every time to the joy of the Riocentro.

In overtime, the momentum had shifted in the way of FURIA, who rolled past OG, who seemed a little baffled in the end. 

FURIA now has two opportunities to qualify for the Legends Stage, while OG is one loss away from elimination

OG - FURIA 0-1 | IEM Rio RMR (Challengers Stage)

16-19 (Overpass) | Yuri 'yuurih' Santos – 1.31 Rating / 28-19 K-D / 92.4 ADR

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