FURIA owner: The only sad part is that guerri is not here

Almost everything is going FURIA's way at IEM Rio. Except for one thing!

IEM Rio has been one long triumph for FURIA so far. The Brazilian hometown heroes made the impossible happen with a win against the tournament favorites from NAVI.

But one person is missing. The coach of FURIA, Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira, is not allowed to stand behind his players during the matches, due to a suspension from Valve. The Brazilian coach was one of the 37 coaches, that was suspended by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) due to his alleged use of the "Coach bug" that was discovered during the online era of CS:GO. FURIA and guerri has several times challenged the verdict, but the five Major suspension for guerri is still active despite several efforts from the players and Organization to reach out to Valve.

After FURIA's win against NAVI, we spoke with the co-owner of FURIA André Akkari about the situation. Akkari is standing in as a coach for FURIA during the event.

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