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FTW and SAW announce two-player trade

The two best Portuguese rosters have made some changes to their rosters

When thinking about CS:GO nationalities, you would probably not think of Portugal as being one of the big nations for producing talent within the professional CS:GO scene. Two teams that seek to change that fact are FTW and SAW. They are currently the two strongest Portuguese rosters with FTW ranking at #37 in the world and SAW at #45 in the world.

To help strengthen, hopefully, both rosters, large changes have been made between the two organizations with both of them seeing two new additions to their active CS:GO roster as well as a new Head Coach to spearhead their CS:GO divisions. For SAW changes concern the three following players, Renato "stadodo" Gonçalves, Omar "arki" Chakkor, and Rui "vts" Soares. Both "stadodo" and Head Coach "vts" will transfer to FTW, whereas "arki" will take on the role as the team's new Head Coach.

To fill in the shoes of "arki" and "stadodo" in the active SAW line-up, Michel "ewjerkz" Pinto and João "story" Vieira will transfer from FTW to saw as a part of the trade. The aforementioned trade of players and coaches leaves FTW missing a final piece to the five-piece puzzle. As the team's final player Francisco "kst" Fragoso has been brought in.

After the trades, the two Portuguese rosters looks as follows:


Michel "ewjerkz" Pinto

João "story" Vieira

Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira

Tiago "JUST" Moura

Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandes

Omar "arki" Chakkor (Head Coach)


Renato "stadodo" Gonçalves

Diogo "DDias" Dias

Rafael "arrozdoce" Wing

André "Ag1l" Gil

Francisco "kst" Fragoso

Rui "vts" Soares (Head Coach)

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