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Entropiq off to perfect start to 2022

The CIS team dismantled the ECSTATIC in quick fashion in the opening round of Funspark Ulti.

Tier 1 Counter-Strike is back! As an appetizer for the upcoming season, Funspark Ulti 2021 Finals kicked off Tuesday with Entropiq vs ECSTATIC (former Lyngby Vikings).

Entropiq entered the opening match as favorites and on Mirage they showed why. In a very one-sided map, Viktor 'Lack1' Boldyrev and his teammates won 16-5 without breaking a sweat.

On to Vertigo which gave way for a much more competitive battle. A 4-0 lead for ECSTATIC forced Entropiq to find an additional gear to keep up. The CIS team did exactly that and went 8-7 ahead at halftime with Igor 'Forester' Bezotecheskiy leading the way on the scoreboard.

On their CT-side ECSTATIC made it clear, that despite being one of the unknown quantities of the tournament, the Danes at least have a very solid Vertigo in their map pool. At 15-10, everything was lined up for a decider map on Dust2, but then ECSTATIC fumbled. Aleksei 'El1an' Gusev had been pretty quiet in the game, but the Russian AWP’er decided to make some impact at the very end of Vertigo to help his team to overtime.

Here Entropiq managed to edge out the Danes after double overtime and won the match 22-18. The CIS team is now set up for a match against their countrymen from Gambit if sh1ro and company win their opening match against Extra Salt tomorrow. ECSTATIC will play against the loser in the lower bracket to try and stay alive in the $250.000 tournament.

Entropiq – ECSTATIC 2-0 | Funspark Ulti 2021 Finals

Mirage (16-5) | Lack1 – 1.85 rating / 23-13 K-D / 113.6 ADR

Nuke (22-18) | Forester – 1.31 rating / 36-29 K-D / 95.7 ADR

MVP: Igor 'Forester' Bezotecheskiy - 1.29 rating / 55-45 K-D / 91.0 ADR

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