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Amazing comeback secures win for Entropiq

Nordavind outplayed Entropiq in the first map, but Entropiq were too strong at the end.

The first map was on Mirage where the Estonian supra delivered a fantastic map and helped his team get the victory.

Nordavind got a fantastic start at the map, where they were leading 6-0 after the first couple of rounds, but Entropiq ended up coming back in the first half, making the map competitive, with 8-7 to Nordavind after the first half as the T side.

After the switch from T to CT for the European roster, they managed to deliver a great defense at the CT side, and won the second half 8-5, resulting in a 16-12 victory on the first map on Mirage, after a fantastic team performance, and great individual performances, especially by supra and TENZKI.

Nordavind got themselves a fantastic start to the second map at Overpass, where they won the first half 10-5, after an outrageously good performance by HS.

But Entropiq chose to shift gear in the second half as the CT side, where their defensive position was flawless, and they managed to close down a strong Nordavind offense with an 11-3 win as the CT side, which secured them the map win 16-13.

The third and decisive map was on Dust2, the most T-side dominated map there is to play on.

Entropiq got themselves an amazing start to the first half as the T side, as they won 11-4 with an outrageous performance by Forrester, and the game seemed to be a formality.

Nordavind fought bravely, but Forrester was too strong with an absolute ten out of ten performance on Dust2.

Entropiq ended up winning the game 16-5 after a near-perfect team performance and a perfect individual performance by Forester.

One of the best individual performances of the year by Russian Forester!

Entropiq – Nordavind | Spring Sweet Spring 2

Mirage: 12-16 | supra – 1.44 Rating – 98.9 ADR – 24-18 K/D

Overpass: 16-13 | supra – 1.21 Rating – 75.9 ADR – 25-20 K/D

Dust2: 16-5 | Forester – 2.44 Rating – 148.0 ADR – 33-8 K/D


Igor ”Forester” Bezotecheskiy - 1.39 Rating – 92.1 ADR – 72-46 K/D

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