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Liquid batter dev1ce and co. at BLAST Fall Final

The North Americans defied the odds and sent NIP packing from the $425.000 event.

The second knockout match of the day at BLAST Premier Fall Final featured two star-studded lineups with the heavy favorites from NIP taking on Liquid in a thrilling Bo3 elimination battle. The two teams and their current situation cannot be more diverse and different than it is right now. The Liquid roster is crumbling from the inside with serious roster changes being reported, while NIP, on the other hand, can see itself with a brand-new squad consisting of the newcomer es3tag on the server.

Liquid stays alive at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 after defeating NIP 2-1 while sending the ninjas home with only one map to their name. The series started with NIP’s map pick on Inferno, where the Swedes took away the first half with a small advantage, 8-7. The second half was close, and despite NAF doing everything he could to drag Liquid in overtime, the ninjas secured the first map, 16-13.

It was a different map on Mirage, where the swedes didn’t show up, losing the first half 4-11. The nightmare was not over for dev1ce and company, where Liquid won the fourth pistol round of the series before cruising to a comfortable 16-4 win.

In the decider on Overpass, NIP began to take over the game finding opening after opening to drive to a 5-0 lead before NAF and Liquid put their first on the tally. With 19 frags, es3tag gave NIP the lead before halftime, 8-7. In the second half, Liquid stabilized their defense all the way to close the map 16-11 and the series 2-1. 

NIP – Liquid 1-2 | BLAST Premier Fall Final

16-13 (Inferno) | Plopski – 1.38 Rating / 20-18  K-D / 113.1 ADR

4-16 (Mirage) | NAF - 1.75 Rating / 21-8 K-D / 106.2 ADR

11-16 (Overpass)| NAF - 1.38 Rating / 27-19 K-D / 107.4 ADR

MVP: NAF - 1.44 Rating / 70-43 K-D / 102.2 ADR

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