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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Highlight: 1 spray = amazing 1v3 clutch

Incredible spray control from "JamYoung" makes for an unbelievable 1v3 clutch

Perhaps you have not heard about them yet, but it is time to get familiar. The Chinese CS:GO roster of Rare Atom are slowly but surely proving themselves within the professional CS:GO scene and against tougher and tougher opponents. Having just secured a spot in the Semi-finals of ESL Challenger in Valencia, Spain, today, the Rare Atom roster are beginning to make their mark on the scene.

One of the reasons for their success at the ongoing mini-event that is ESL Challenger 2022, goes by the name of "JamYoung". The 20-year-old Rare Atom player from China can be deadly if you get in his way. When Rare Atom faced HUMMER in a Bo3-series, he proved exactly how crazy his abilities are. Left alone in a 1v3 situation, "JamYoung" tucks himself into a corner, pops up at just the right time, and controls a spectacular spraydown of all three opponents without hesitation - take a look:

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