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hampus on not being IGL anymore: I’m very happy about it

It seems like the transfer of Aleksib has been fruitful so far for the profiled Swedes.

When Ninjas in Pyjamas last month announced the signing of Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen it resulted in a demotion for Hampus “hampus” Poser, who saw his in-game leader role be taken away from him and placed on the shoulders of the newly arrived Finn.

Something that would seem like a negative thing for some people - But not in this case, hampus explains in a video on NIP’s YouTube channel.

- Having Aleksib join the team feels super nice. It means that I’m not the in-game leader anymore, which I’m very happy about. I mean I want to be an IGL, but I also do not want to be the IGL. I’m just happy that after being at NIP for two something years, it feels good to try something new.

Brings a lot of structure

NIP teammate and fellow Swede, Frederik “REZ” Sterner is also pleased with Aleksib’s arrival, pointing towards his leadership approach, which is commonly known as a very structured style with Aleksib micromanaging his troops.

- I think Aleksib is going to bring a lot of stability, structure and a lot of protocols, like really set in stone in how we are going to approach and play the game. I really like that, REZ says in the video.

Aleksib, REZ, hampus and the rest of NIP are set to start their Major campaign next week after qualifying as Legends for the Rio de Janeiro-located tournament. You can find today's schedule for the Major down below.

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