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es3tag: A lot of people think I have to be the new device

What can we expect from the NIP Dane now with the AWP in hand?

Patrick “es3tag” Hansen has taken over the AWP role on NIP in recent tournaments as their superstar Nicolai “device” Reedtz continues to be sidelined due to medical reasons. In an interview with, es3tag was asked about his role shift where he explained that people shouldn’t compare him with device.

- So, I think a lot of people think I have to be the new device – that’s the case. Not because I don’t think I can do any of the same things. devve is good at positioning and moving around, and I think I can figure that out as well, es3tag said and continued:

- I just don’t think there’s room for that on this team right now. One who does not offer to throw grenades and do the sour things that need to be done all the time. So, I think if we are going to win, then it is important that there is someone who’s willing to do it, and right now, it is me who is taking it. I think it's important to understand on a team that I shouldn’t go out and be the star when we have someone like Brollan, REZ and hampus who all make plays.

Full interview with (in Danish):

Following the newly-concluded PGL Major Antwerp, es3tag received some criticism for his AWPing at the event with some calling him “the worst AWPer at the Major”. That was something, the former Cloud9 player addressed when we spoke to him on Sunday, right before the Grand Final. You can find the interview in the article below.

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